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What people are saying...


Donna, Feb 2020

It was lovely to meet you all yesterday. Thank you again for the fantastic work you do with such passion, love and kindness. We really appreciate the support you provided, not only in the way of TV, Tea and snacks, but emotional support and kindness to Natalie and our family. Keep up the good work. (Natalie died last year aged 37)


Become A Volunteer

If you would like to help Hug on a Tray please get in touch with Leslie Noble by clicking the link below.


Kerrie, Dec 2019

Thank you! You will never know how much your time, care and presence meant to our family. You are incredible women, running an amazing service, unsung hero’s, from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You.



Lucy, Nov 2019

After we thanked her for her donation after her husband died aged 36. she said; “We wouldn’t have wanted it to go anywhere else, keep up the amazing work, You kept him sane during some very dark times.



Kelly, June 2018

Absolutely amazing charity, my dad was on J88 for 4 months but sadly passed away on the 14th of May. The little bag of treats, tea & coffee plus the free TV was lovely. I remember my dad looking through the bag to find the mints. You all do an amazing job and I cant thank you enough, such a heartwarming thing to do. Thank



Laurie, Nov 2018

Lovely charity and lovely people! It is true that you never fully appreciate how important a charity like this is until you’re thrown into a horrible situation. A friendly face and a “Hug on a Tray” can make the world of difference, and they’ve definately helped to put a smile on my face at a very difficult time. Thank you all so much.



Laura (staff), Nov 2018

After our donation box was stolen.

Don’t let one poor act dampen your spirits ladies, you all do a great job and genuinely make the patients, visitors and the staff have a much better day. Nothing but love.



Sandra (staff), Oct 2019

Long may you continue helping our patients and relatives, you all do a brilliant job. I love it when we get new patients and we tell them they get free TV and goodie bags!



Jayne (staff) Oct

Makes a dfifference to the patients and their families, some of who spend weeks, sometimes months with us on the wards. Well done ladies and keep up the good work, always a pleasure to see your smiling faces on J88.


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