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We are incredibly grateful for any donations you can give. We've included links to donate on our home page, as well as below where you can choose your own amount to donate, set up regular donations, purchase a soft toy or donate by purchasing from our Amazon Wishlist. Thank You.

What people are saying...

After our donation box was stolen... don’t let one poor act dampen your spirits ladies, you all do a great job and genuinely make the patients, visitors and the staff have a much better day. Nothing but love.
Laura (staff at St. James's Hospital)
November 2018
Long may you continue helping our patients and relatives, you all do a brilliant job. I love it when we get new patients and we tell them they get free TV and goodie bags!
Sandra (staff at St. James's Hospital)
October 2019
It makes a difference to the patients and their families, some of who spend weeks, sometimes months with us on the wards. Well done ladies and keep up the good work, always a pleasure to see your smiling faces on J88.
Jayne (staff at St. James's Hospital)
October 2019