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What We Do

We manage, (with our fabulous supporters out there) to provide both wards J88 & J89 with FREE TV which is greatly appreciated by all the patients and families. In order to rent TVs for patients in 2 wards, 40 TV places in total, costs us £26,400 a year, it would cost a patient approximately £10 a day so this helps them enormously.

Besides this provision, we also give freely A 'Hug on a Tray' this consists of every patient (all in single rooms to prevent cross infection) receiving on arrival, and topped up at will, a (melamine tray, two china beakers, and a goodie bag with everything needed for them and their visiting families to make a hot drink and snack & biscuits & sweets.) There is a kettle provided in every room. Alongside this free provision on the wards, We have also put in situ a FREE hot and cold drinks and snacks station in J87 Outpatients department where the people attending with family or friends can help themselves.​

We also make sure that every patient receives a Christmas goodie bag with toiletries,various gifts and chocolates, this averages about £12 a patient, 40 patients plus 6 spares for anyone being admitted on Christmas Eve.​

We pay for everything from paper cups (average £55 a week) to everything that's needed in outpatients such as spoons, coffee, sugar, milk, hot chocolate, Horlicks, cup a soups, pot noodles, biscuits, plain and chocolate, mini cheddars, sweets and chocolates, fruit juices, etc! All tea is provided free by Taylors / Bettys of Harrogate.​

Please note that no profit is made and we pay our own expenses 'Petrol etc' and receive free parking as we are all volunteers.

We depend on charitable donations raised in conjunction with fundraising events. All funding directly benefits the patients.

Bless you all, any donations would be fabulous!

What people are saying...

Long may you continue helping our patients and relatives, you all do a brilliant job. I love it when we get new patients and we tell them they get free TV and goodie bags!
Sandra (staff at St. James's Hospital)
October 2019
After our donation box was stolen... don’t let one poor act dampen your spirits ladies, you all do a great job and genuinely make the patients, visitors and the staff have a much better day. Nothing but love.
Laura (staff at St. James's Hospital)
November 2018
After we thanked her for her donation after her husband died aged 36. she said; “We wouldn’t have wanted it to go anywhere else, keep up the amazing work, You kept him sane during some very dark times."
November 2019