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Harrogate Band 'Art Making Animals' make £1,000 Donation to Hug on a Tray

Oh! Wow!! How wonderful is this to start off the New Year!! 🥰🥰🥰 This fabulous group from Harrogate (Artmakinganimals) turned up at the Hug Hub/Shop this morning to donate this amazing amount £1,000 to Hug on a Tray, the result of a Christmas song written and recorded by these fabulous guys!! It was just great to meet them all, it was a joy! 🥰😍😘 Thank you all so much for this very generous gesture. We are over the moon!! Bless you all, sending much love and many hugs from all the Girls!!
Art Making Animals are Ben Denison and Mark Parrini. We started “making noise with friends” over 20 years ago with a plan to write an album, one song a year. 20 years of friendship later, we have finally finished what we started. Art Making Animals is about the joy of making music with close and trusted friends, and what a joy it has been! And if listening is love, we can’t thank you enough.